Meet Zipcar, now available right near Brodsky Residential and throughout New York City—from Morningside to Downtown Brooklyn. You can book any of our variety of vehicles, including hybrids, trucks, and luxury cars—by the hour or the day—in a bunch of cities, not just NY. Gas and insurance are always included.

Join now and you’ll get $35 in free driving.

Get wheels when you want them—and where it’s most convenient!

Discount: One-time $35 Zipcar driving credit to any resident who is a current  member or becomes a member of Zipcar and reserves and utilizes a car. 

Redeem: Not a member click here. 

Current members please contact Mr. Jeff Gorra jgorra@zipcar.com or Ms. Stephanie Aboulafia saboulafia@zipcar.com to redeem the discount.