The Brodsky Neighbors & Partners program offers residents of Brodsky developments special access to some of New York City's best local businesses, unique services, arts organizations, and community events. 

From restaurant discounts to community events, Brodsky residents have access to offerings and experiences unique to their neighborhood. With a focus on highlighting locally made and sourced goods and services, the Brodsky Neighbors & Partners program allows residents new to a neighborhood to explore the local culture, and veteran residents to rediscover the charms of their home's surroundings. 


“Own your life, not your furniture”


"My husband and I would like to thank you for a very special Brodsky Community Happy Hour last night at Horchata. The food, drinks, and atmosphere were great, and as longtime Brodsky tenants, we very much appreciate their efforts to connect fellow tenants together for delightful events. We enjoyed meeting fellow neighbors and will continue to recommend Brodsky apartments to our friends.

Another great contribution to the neighborhood by Brodsky!”

- Birgitee and John D., West Village Residents